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News & Updates

Welcome to our new site design.

We have decided to retire the previous "FLASH" version for a fresh look "HTML5" design.

Optimized for 1024x768 screen resolution and XHTML & CSS compliant, our new design is simple and clean, keeping a "No Bloat" philosophy, helps deliver a quicker, smoother and more crisp viewing experience on all types of modern devices.

Helpdesk logging facility replaced.

After months of hard work we have finally implemented a new helpdesk support logging system. We thank all those involved for there input and suggestions.

Our new helpdesk system is in-line with our company philosophy in making support easier and more efficient, offering a knowledge base module of previously resolved issues for fast referencing.

Helpdesk system upgrade started.

We have finally started work on our new helpdesk support logging & tracking system.

This new system will include a user friendly troubleshooting knowledge base, which will grow over time to be usable as a self search troubleshooting tool kit, which you will be able to search through as a Q&A tool.

Services Overview


Our IT management strategies are tailored to suit your business requirements and business model, we understand, everyone's business needs are very different and need special attention.


Our strong technical support, from years of experience makes us second to none.
Above all, unlike some of our competitors, we guarantee results, deliver on time and return all our clients calls every day of the year.


Are you always trying to beat the clock?
Don't be... Let us help you devise a clear and precise road map for your IT requirements. A partnership to help you avoid costly issues and pitfalls before they arise.


Training and development is something that goes hand in hand with all of our services.  They can also be purchased separately for non ABMS Pty Ltd equipment. Never feel "thrown in the deep-end again".

Design - Good Foundations

Taking time to consult with you and your colleges about your business, gives us the knowledge we require
to help you start with the correct building block you'll require for a strong, stable and well designed foundation to your companies computing requirements.

These building blocks, allow for affordable future modification and flexibility, as well as any required expansion, in the short & long term.

Hardware - Stable Solutions

Everyday we hear about the horrible cost of IT to their owners, and are forced to believe that,

"IT is an waste of good money"

well if this was true...,
Google would not exist, Microsoft would not have Windows, and Linux would not be serving the Internet.

Affordable calculated investments
in key IT area's offer the greatest flexibility and growth for companies and there futures.

Support - Keeping Business OnTrack

Combining good business understanding, great design using only strong stable proven technology, backed with exceptional 24hr support service, allows you to focus on your day to day business activities with minimal downtime.

Creating the opportunities for affordable decision making in your companies IT requirements that
can have profitable returns.

Client Assist Helpdesk.

Please use the following link provided below, to navigate your way to our helpdesk request system. Once you log your request our support personnel will contact you shortly.

NOTE: Remember the more information you can supply us the quicker our support personnel will be able to research the issue and assign it to the most suitable technician in order to have your problem resolved promptly and efficiently.

Our Philosophy

Is simple and proudly represented within our company slogan,

"Where Imagination Becomes An Affordable Reality"

Tailored and designed solution by professionals do not have to cost you a life of being chained to an antiquated system that no longer suits your current business model.

With support costs taking your company nowhere, and the true hidden associated costs don't reveal themselves until after you signed the contracts, and then realize there are issues with the systems as they don't really fit your business model's expected requirements.

Let us help you and your business return to a truly affordable solution, using proven and flexible technology for today and tomorrow.

We welcome your enquiries no matter how small or large your organisation. Our highly trained and qualified staff, including technicians and engineers are always available, if required, to assist in your enquiry.